Why Choose Ampla?

VAT can be an absolute cost to business and as companies seek to deal with the challenging economic environment it is important that unnecessary exposures to VAT liabilities are mitigated.

Ampla has the experience of working on VAT issues from all perspectives. Over 17 years experience has been gained by working for HM Revenue & Customs as a visiting officer; managing an in-house indirect tax function of a FTSE 100 equivalent business; and over 14 years working as a VAT practitioner within the Big 4 up to the level of Director.

Compliance and Reporting

In 2015 it is estimated that businesses will pay over £161 billion VAT to the UK government. Getting it wrong can create a significant cost to business especially when you also take into account penalty and interest charges for non-compliance. Companies working across borders may have further complications to the extent they are required to register for VAT across a number of jurisdictions.

VAT Reporting

We provide complete VAT reporting and statutory VAT report filing in the UK and across the EU


We offer compliance reporting and in-depth process reviews

Health Checks

We highlight potential risks and identify opportunities to reduce VAT costs

Operational Efficiencies

An efficient business is a profitable business.

Another way in which companies can reduce costs is by ensuring that reporting processes and procedures are efficient. Without prejudicing risk automated processes can be robust and significantly reduce the amount of time, resource and expense required to meet VAT reporting obligations. Reviews can also identify areas where a company may be overstating its VAT liabilities and ways in which cash flow may be improved.

Consulting Services

From ad-hoc VAT queries to VAT help line arrangements, Ampla can tailor its services to meet individual requirements.

  • Expertise

    Over 17 years industry expertise

  • Reach

    Working with customers across the UK and EU

  • Service

    A professional service guaranteed

Partial Exemption

One of the most complex and litigated areas of VAT, partial exemption creates an absolute cost to companies in terms of their inability to fully recover VAT incurred. Ampla has extensive experience in this field having worked closely with partly exempt companies since 2001 and can offer a complete suite of services in this area including:

  • Review and analysis of income generating areas and cost base to highlight options available to partially exempt companies
  • Analysis of attribution of costs to mitigate any unnecessary exposures to VAT
  • In depth review of companies accounts payable functions to ensure efficiencies and best practice
  • Extensive experience of negotiating partial exemption special methods with HMRC personnel at the highest levels of Policy
  • Arranging conferences and preparing instructions to Leading Counsel
  • Lead role in supporting companies with dispute resolution and litigation in appealing decisions made by HMRC

Disputes and Litigation

Where VAT issues cannot be resolved or where HMRC refuse claims for VAT repayments, a business can appeal to the Tax Tribunal. In addition, companies can apply to HMRC to seek recourse via dispute resolution. The best course of action will depend on individual circumstances and the nature of the dispute.

Ampla has experience of negotiating with HMRC Policy at the highest level in order to seek resolution to VAT related disputes and have a deep understanding of the processes and requirements involved to promote a positive outcome.
Ampla has over 10 years experience of litigation support at all levels of jurisdiction from local tribunals to the Court of Appeal. We can guide you through the entire process and work alongside your existing legal representatives if necessary.
Using our network of tax barristers and Legal Counsel we can advise and assist companies through all aspects of litigation through initial drafting instructions to counsel and legal representation for the duration of the case.

HMRC Inspections

Is your business prepared for a HMRC inspection?

Ampla can perform risk reviews tailored to meet individual needs and requirements and highlight known issues which typically arise. Assistance can also be provided during the inspection or Ampla can be on hand after the event to deal with any queries raised by HMRC.


Ampla has experience of advising on all types of corporate transactions from an indirect tax perspective.

  • Business Deals

    Structuring for maximum tax efficiency

    Vat Recovery

    Assisting with VAT recovery on costs

  • Agreements

    Review of sale and purchase agreements

    Due Diligence

    Support and reviewing working cap requirements

  • Company Acquistions & Disposals

    We can help you get the most from restructuring

    Share Offerings

    Experience maximizing returns and tax efficiency

  • Refinancing Arrangements

    Structuring for indirect tax efficiency


    Help and support for wind-ups, bankruptcies and insolvency


Ampla has experience of designing and delivering training courses across all aspects of VAT

Basic courses can provide accounts payable, accounts receivable and other general finance team members with an overview of VAT. More experienced or senior employees can benefit from more detailed courses covering specific areas of VAT including partial exemption; and place of supply of services. Alternatively bespoke training courses can be designed and tailored to meet your company’s requirements.

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